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Wise Care 365 Pro

Simple & Transparent Pricing Plan


3 PCs License


$89.95/ Lifetime
3 PCs License

2M+ downloads

Detailed Pricing Plans


One-click PC Checkup

Clean & Speed-up Computer

Hardware Inventory

Privacy Protection

Real-time System Protection

Auto clean system in Silent Mode

Faster Boot-up Speed

Free-up More Disk Space

Premium Tech Support

Frequently Ask Questions

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Wisecare 365 is a pro edition and free edition optimizing tool that includes various applications, all in a single program.

Wisecare 365 is not available for mobiles. But some alternatives of Wise Care 365 with the same functionality are available for mobiles. The best mobile alternative is CCleaner that is also free.

Wisecare 365 is a lifetime program designed to operate different functions including, speeding up the computer, cleaning junk files, and much more!

Wise Care 365 is the most reliable and safe PC Optimization tool to operate various programs.

You can call us at (916) 602-1916 or you can chat with us live 24/7 by clicking the chat widget at the bottom right corner of your screen.