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Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare: Time to Get the Best Cleaning Software For PC

Have PC performance issues? Do you face occasional low speed, crashes, and freezes?

Well, it’s time to get a smart PC cleaner to optimize your system for quality performance free of all such issues.

So here we have two amazing PC cleaning software that can boost your PC and turn it new again.

We will review Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare to help you decide the best option for your computer.

But what’s the point of having a tuneup tool? Are PC cleaners really effective?

When your computer gets old, it starts having various problems because of junk files, registry issues, cache, spyware, etc.

 Such things can slow your PC down and stop it from functioning at its best.

A PC tuneup tool has various utilities to repair these errors, improving your computer’s overall health.

Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime​

Recommended Pick

Wise Care 365 PRO

Wise Care 365 is a one-click system optimizer tool it effortlessly cleans the computer from junk files, fixes the registry and protects your privacy.

Overall Rating 4.5/5.0


Refund Policy: 30 Days Guaranteed

What is Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime?

Wise Care 365 is a master of all trades PC tuneup software for Windows that helps you manage your computer’s performance. It comes with a utility for almost every problem that a computer encounters. This software looks for each performance killer and eliminates them without a sweat.

Wise Care 365 Features

A Quick Smart PC Checkup

Wise Care 365 runs a complete checkup to find all the problems hindering a PC from performing at the optimal level. It analyzes the system to find junk files, private information, registry entries, and history of system activities. 

Frees Up Disk Space and Fixes Registry Entries

This modern software comes up with five cleaners for thorough PC cleanup. Common cleaner, registry cleaner, advanced cleaner, system slimming, and big files manager create more room in the computer for what matters to you. 

Boosts the PC for Optimal Performance

It allows disabling or enabling programs, improves network connection, and speeds up SSDs/HDDs. Wise Care 365 has vast utilities to optimize the system and startup speed. Also, there are disk and registry defrag tools that improve disk health to make the install/delete functions faster.

Protects the Personal Data and Information

As mentioned earlier, Wise Care 365 is an all-around PC tuneup tool; it doesn’t just improve system health. There are tools like Privacy Eraser, Disk Eraser, and File Shredder that remove private information from hackers and cyberattackers.

Gives Full Control in Your Hands

Wise Care 365 has an advanced system monitor that allows you to see every activity in the system. So you can make a wiser choice for your system. It repairs most things automatically but gives you more control to manage PC resources.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Features

Carefully Scans the System For Issues

Advanced SystemCare comes with both AI and manual modes. Once you click the scan button, it shows information about junk files, connection issues, security shortcomings, and many other PC problems. All it takes is a one-click to fix those issues.

Speeds Up the Computer for Ultimate Performance

It provides various utilities to boost startup and functioning rates in real-time. Like Wise Care, it also has many cleaners to eliminate registry issues, junk files, and extensions. It has a Turbo Boost mode that speeds up the system and RAM. 

Protects Your System From Every Malicious Activity

We want to be fair in this Wise Care 365 Pro VS Advanced SystemCare, and we must say privacy protection is the best element of Advanced SystemCare. Privacy Protection, Browser protection, and System Protection; it has a solution to every problem to tackle security issues.

Updates the Drivers for Best Experience

Outdated drivers can impact PC experience, but Advanced SystemCare updates the computer with all the latest drivers. So you can use all the apps and software without any constraints while working, internet surfing, or gaming.

Offers Extra Programs for Better Usage

Advanced SystemCare’s action center has other programs too. Like VPN, screen recorder, malware protector, and many others. Such softwares can be pretty useful in specific cases, so they are good to have them up to your sleeve.

Advance System Care Pro

Wise Care 365 Pro VS IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro:
Features Comparison


Wise Care 365

Advanced SystemCare

PC Scan



PC Cleaning


Yes, but fewer tools than Wise Care 365

Internet Security

Fewer privacy utilities

More privacy and security tools

System Security



Startup managing utilities



Private data removing tools

Yes (mostly utilities are in pro version)

Yes (free version offers more than Wise Care)

Disk Cleaners

Yes; more utilities than Advanced SystemCare

Yes, but fewer utilities than Wise Care 365



Yes (and even more utilities in pro)

Driver Updates



Program manager



System tuneup/booster



Monitoring tools



Automatic optimizing tools



RAM management



Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare Pro
Pros and Cons

Now you know about the features both softwares have for you, it’s time to explore the pros and cons of Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare.

Wise Care 365 Pros and Cons


  • 90% of tools are free to use
  • Cleaner user interface
  • More PC cleaning utilities


  • Security tools are in Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime only
  • Fewer privacy tools than Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Pros and Cons


  • More utilities than Wise Care 365
  • Eye-catching user interface
  • Offers many other softwares for free


  • Most unique utilities are usable in the pro version only

Who’s the Winner?

Wise Care 365 Pro VS Advanced SystemCare Pro 

Let’s decide the winner for Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare.

If you need software specifically for PC cleaning, then Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime is a better option because it has more PC cleanup utilities.

On the other hand, Advanced SystemCare is superior if you want decent PC cleanup with more security tools.

And for  Wise Care 365 Pro VS Advanced SystemCare Pro comparison; Advanced SystemCare is clearly the winner. It’s because Wise Care 365 VS Advanced SystemCare Pro has almost every tool to optimize a PC’s health and security.

Recommended Pick

Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime is a one-click system optimizer tool it effortlessly cleans the computer from junk files, fixes the registry and protects your privacy.

Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime​

IObit  Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 ensures you don’t face any performance and privacy issues regarding your PC.

Advance System Care Pro