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Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup: The Best Smart PC Cleaner?


Whenever someone talks about PC cleaning software, Wise Care 365 and AVG Tuneup are the most common softwares that become a part of that discussion.


It’s because both of the programs are well-equipped with all the essential tools to clean up a PC and boost performance.


Here we will review Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup to find out their features and what they offer for a PC user.


So grab a cup of coffee and keep on reading to find out the best PC cleaner for your computer.


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Do I Need a Cleaner for PC?

The answer to this question is straightforward: Yes!

But why? It’s because you do take care of your car, air conditioner, and maybe even your TV, so your computer deserves some love and care as well.

If you won’t, the PC performance will go down due to junk files, registry errors, extra running programs, and fragmented hard drives. Plus, there can be some privacy risks too.

A smart PC cleaner will clean up all those issues for you and tune up your computer.

Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime​

Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup


Now let’s move on to the Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup review. Both are amazing PC cleaning softwares, but we will discuss the features and compare them for more clarity.


Wise Care 365


So what is Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime? It’s a smart PC cleaner that scans the whole system to find issues in files, folders, registries, programs, and applications. Also, it allows you to remove them once you decide what to eliminate from the system for better performance.

Wise Care 365 Features


Examines the System to Find Errors and Issues


Wise Care 365 runs a PC checkup to search the system and locates problems affecting your PC experience. It fixes registry entries, junk files, startup issues, PC traces, and browser history. Once it finds all the errors, you can resolve them by pressing a single “Fix” button.


Efficiently Cleans the Whole System


Wise Care 365 has various cleaners to deal with almost all kinds of problems within the system. Registry errors, useless data, large files, and folders can ruin computer space. Its utilities like Common Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, Big Files Manager, and System Slimming fix all these problems instantly.


Tunes up the PC for Optimal Performance


It has various utilities for system tuneup. Wise Care 365 allows you to stop running specific programs at startup and disable/enable softwares for a quick boot. Also, it defrags the fragmented registry and files data which slows down the disk performance. So this software is designed for a smooth PC experience.


Enhanced Privacy Protection


The software is not just a PC cleaner to boost PC speed because Wise Care 365 has tools for privacy protection too. Its Privacy Eraser utility removes all your online activity, so you can surf the internet without having a second thought about security. Also, it shreds files from making them irrecoverable so no one can play with your personal data.


Real-time System Monitoring Technology


Wise Care 365 has an advanced system monitor to keep all your PC resources in check. You can disable or stop the programs you don’t want to run. Or you can remove them as well. Moreover, it shows you all the operating system and hardware information.

Wise care pc check up- Fast clean pc

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AVG Tuneup

AVG Tuneup is a smart PC cleaner by AVG Technologies who have a wide range of other PC improvement softwares like AVG Anti-Virus, AVG VPN, AVG Secure Browser, and many more. But as it is a Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup review, we will discuss only AVG Tuneup here.

AVG Tuneup

AVG Tuneup Features



Scans the PC for Ultimate Maintenance



AVG Tuneup searches around the PC for maintenance like running programs, disk space issues, old programs, and browser data. It finds most errors that would be impacting the startup and repair them automatically.


Speeds Up the System For Maximum Output



Unnecessary programs and processes running at startup can slow down the PC by far. AVG Tuneup finds the issues affecting your computer speed and allow you to correct them quickly. According to their website, it increases the startup rate by 79%. 


Removes Useless Data to Free Up Disk Space


AVG Tuneup reviews the useless installers, temporary files, old backups, and other junk data to remove them. Similarly, it looks for temporary web files along with fragmented registry and file fragments to eliminate them. Such things can affect your disk health and functionality if not taken care of.


Automatically Updates and Removes Programs



Old softwares are the worst enemy of your computer, leading to crashes, freezes, and whatnot. AVG Tuneup finds the best updates for each program on your PC to stabilize the system. Moreover, there are programs that you may have downloaded programs you use rarely. It removes them, so you can have more room for what matters to you.

AVG Tuneup Feathers

Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup: Pros and Cons


Well, you can see both of these PC cleaning softwares come with many features. But we cannot decide a winner for Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup without mentioning the pros and cons.


Wise Care 365 Pros and Cons



  • Gives all-in-one solution to boost PC health
  • Most PC cleaning tools are available for free
  • Have many more downloadable features
  • Easy to use UI
  • Pro version is inexpensive compared to AVG Tuneup



  • Privacy protection tools are in Wise Care 365 Pro only
  • Doesn’t have a driver updater utility right now
  • Only available on Windows


AVG Tuneup Pros and Cons




  • More advanced UI than Wise Care 365
  • You can download free AVG antivirus with it for better protection
  • Allows to update drivers and softwares
  • Available on PC, Mac, and Android



  • Lacks some utilities compared to Wise Care 365
  • No free perks. You have to buy AVG Tuneup to use it
  • More expensive than Wise Care 365
AVG Tuneup Fast Clean

Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup: The Winning PC Cleaner?


Wise Care 365 and AVG Tuneup have great features to boost PC health and performance. 


But if we compare the features, Wise Care 365 offers more than AVG Tuneup. And another thing to remember is that Wise Care 365 offers most utilities for free while AVG Tuneup is paid software. 


Although, if you plan to buy one, then Wise Care 365 is available for $20 for the first year at a discount. On the other hand, AVG Tuneup is $30 for the first year, but they charge you higher later.


Who’s the Winner for Wise Care 365 VS AVG Tuneup? Wise Care 365 is the Winner.