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Without a smart PC cleaner, your PC is at the risk of getting performance issues, privacy concerns, and low disk space.

It’s because file caches, fragmentation, and viruses, etc., are affecting your computer all the time. If you don’t have software to take care of your system, its condition may become even worse.

Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner, both are top-rated PC speed-up tools. But I’m sure you want to know which one is a better option for you.

Let’s do a Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner comparison to find out!

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Wise Care 365 PRO

Wise Care 365 is a one-click system optimizer tool it effortlessly cleans the computer from junk files, fixes the registry and protects your privacy.

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Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner Features

We can’t get an answer for Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner until we compare the features of both products. So let’s see what both of these PC speed-up tools offer you.

Wise Care 365 Features

Wise Care 365 provides a wide range of features, from running a PC checkup and freeing up disk space to removing the computer and privacy traces.

PC checkup – Wise Care 365 scans the whole system to find privacy traces, security projects, system tuneup, registry entries, useless files, computer traces, and browsing history. And, you can fix all these issues with a single click.

System Cleaner – This tab has multiple cleaners to clean up registry and Windows applications to stabilize the PC. The utilities in this section allow a user to clean up the system thoroughly, giving full control to free up disk space. It has five utilities,

a) Registry Cleaner

b) Common Cleaner

c) Advanced Cleaner

d) System Slimming and

e) Big Files Manager

System Tuneup – Provides additional options to optimize the computer by defragmenting disk and registry locations. The user can improve the startup speed and enable/disable programs. Key utilities here: System optimizer, Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager, and Context Menu.

Privacy Protector – The essential utilities of the Privacy section are available in Wise Care 365 Pro only. You can use tools like File Shredder and Disk Eraser to secure the computer by removing deleted files from the system completely. Password Generator can create strong passwords. Sites Notifications can block notifications from annoying sites that you have subscribed to. And, last but not least, the Privacy Erase gives you various options to protect your computer from viruses and cyberattacks.

System Monitor – As the name suggests, it is a great utility to monitor each level of your computer.

Extra Downloadable Utilities

  • Duplicate Finder
  • Force Deleter
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Data Recovery
  • Fast Search
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Wise Reminder
  • Game Booster
  • Program Installer

CCleaner Features

Our Wise Care 365 Pro VS CCleaner debate can’t be over unless we discuss the CCleaner features as well. CCleaner provides various options to boost system performance. From running a PC health checkup and fixing errors to updating drivers and cleaning registry files.

Health Check – Like Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner’s first tab is a scanner to check system health. It scans the PC to find privacy trackers, junk files, speed issues, and security problems. The latter two issues are resolved in the CCleaner Pro version only.

Custom Clean – A user has many options to clean up Windows programs and other applications. CCleaner analyzes the system to find internet history, download history, cookies, temporary files, and cache. Once the scanning is complete, you can select various options to clean the computer.

Driver Updater – It’s a pretty good feature that Wise Care 365 doesn’t offer. CCleaner scans the system to analyze the hardware that needs driver update. And you can update all drivers with a single click.

Registry Cleaner – Similar to Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner has its registry cleaner to clean up registry files to free up disk space. It finds problems like missing shared DLLs, ActiveXCom issues, obsolete software keys, fonts and application issues, etc.

Tools – The next tab is tools, which provides you with various utilities to free up space and boost performance. It has Uninstaller, Software Updater, Startup Manager, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate Finder, System Restore, Disk Wiper, and Browser Plugins. CCleaner has almost every kind of tool to effectively boost your PC performance.

Options – Finally, you have an options tab to manage different settings for CCleaner.

Wise Care 365 Pros and Cons


  • A large number of utilities to free up disk space, optimize speed, and secure privacy.
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Has its own Game Booster to improve performance for video games
  • Offers more control to optimize your PC settings


  • The privacy-related tools are only accessible in Wise Care 365 Pro.
  • Only available on Windows

CCleaner Pros and Cons

  • Offers useful tools to speed up PC for optimal performance
  • Has Driver Updater to update all PC drivers. Wise Care 365 doesn’t provide such utility
  • Gives more control over computer privacy
  • Available for both Windows and MAC devices
  • Less control over PC optimization
  • Fewer utilities than Wise Care 365

What’s the better option for you?

Still can’t decide the winner in Wise Care 365 VS CCleaner? The Wise Care 365 is the winner here.

It offers great features to optimize performance, and if you own a Windows device, it’s the best smart PC cleaner for Windows users. 

Although, CCleaner has its own set of tools and offers a Driver Updater too. But it lacks some features compared to Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime

But in the end, it is up to you to decide. You can download free versions of both to choose what’s better for you.

Recommended Pick

Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime is a one-click system optimizer tool it effortlessly cleans the computer from junk files, fixes the registry and protects your privacy.

Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime​