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Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup

Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup: Do I Need a PC Cleaning Software?


Do you have a car? Do you like to take care of it? And get it fixed by a mechanic if something happens? Why? Because it helps you get to your office quickly or get groceries from that supermarket.


Similarly, you may use your PC for various activities like working, internet browsing, watching movies, or even gaming. 



When you get that much work from your computer, it can affect its condition too.


Then you need to do some PC cleaning to eliminate all those problems. But is your average Windows disk cleanup enough?



Or should you use a dedicated smart PC cleaner like Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup?


So, here we will have a  Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup comparison to find out if you need dedicated PC cleaning software.


Overall Rating 5.0/5.0


Refund Policy: 30 Days Guaranteed

Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup


Overall Rating 5.0/5.0


Refund Policy: 30 Days Guaranteed

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Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime is a one-click system optimizer tool it effortlessly cleans the computer from junk files, fixes the registry and protects your privacy.

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What Kind of PC Issues Will You Face If You Don’t Do PC cleaning?


When you use your computer, junk files, registry errors, and malicious programs occur. Such things are bound to happen, like when your car gets into problems while you are just driving.


And if you don’t take care of the computer, these errors start piling up and become big performance killers.


What issues occur if you don’t clean up your PC?


  • Frequent lag while running programs
  • Occasional freezes
  • Poor PC speed
  • Viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

So a complete PC cleanup is required to get rid of these issues.

Wise Care 365 Pro LifeTime​

Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup 

Now let’s get down to the real talk about Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup and help you decide the best options for your PC. 


Windows Disk Cleanup Pros and Cons

Starting the Wise care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup is simple. Just go to your search in the taskbar and type Windows Disk Cleanup. Or open “This PC” and right-click a drive to select Properties. Run the Disk Cleanup, and you are good to go. 




  • Cleans Up the Disk to Make More Disk Space

You can choose from different options to free up disk space. It can clean Windows data, temporary files, download programs, and recycle bin items. Also, it deletes system files which helps eliminate the operating system and hard disk issues.



  • Frees Up Extra Space With More Options

If a Windows drive is selected, Windows Disk Cleaner gives more options to create more room. It can delete system-restore points and backup data, so you can get some more space for essential files. Plus, it defrags the fragmentation within hard drives that can take extra space and create slow disk speed.



  • Completely Free to Use

Windows Disk Cleanup is a free-to-use program as every Windows PC has it. 




  • Doesn’t Offer Much to Clean Up the PC

It does offer some options to free up space but doesn’t really find extra junk files, registry errors, and other related issues. Overall, it has limited PC cleaning options.


  • Don’t Have Any Privacy Protection Utilities

As the name says, Disk Cleaner doesn’t protect your personal data and information from cyberattacks. A PC tuneup tool must have some security features for extra protection. But Windows Disk Cleaner doesn’t have a cache cleaner, privacy trace remover, or any other utility for cleaning up any privacy-related files.



  • No PC or Hard Drive Health Monitoring

Nowadays, most dedicated PC tuneup softwares comes up with real-time system health monitoring. They allow fixing computer problems in real-time with advanced AI-based monitoring utilities.


  • Lack Extra PC Tuneup Utilities

Almost all the PC cleaning tools don’t serve the purpose of cleaning the system of junk files only. The smart PC cleaners have extra tools like RAM cleaner, game booster, site blocker, and many other programs to tackle any problem.


Wise Care 365 Pros and Cons

Let’s see how a dedicated PC cleaner performs compared to a normal Windows program. So we can see which is a better option in Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup.



  • Fully Scans the System to Find Issues

When you open Wise Care 365, the first option is a PC checkup. It automatically scans the PC to find junk files, registry problems, internet history, cache, and activity trackers. Once the scan finishes, click the Fix button to repair these issues.


  • Advanced PC Cleaning Utilities

Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup? Wise Care 365  defeats the Windows Disk Cleaner in this department. It has a common files cleaner, registry cleaner, advanced cleaner, big file cleaner, and system slimmer to cleanse the system thoroughly. 


Big junk files, registry entries, and other useless data; everything is removed to make more space.


  • Optimizes the System Performance

Does Wise care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleaner have any system optimization tools? Not at all! Although Wise Care 365  VS Windows Disk Cleanup has a bunch of options to boost the startup, network connection, HDD/SDD speed, and overall stability. Plus, it has various registry and best disk defrag tools for even better performance.



  • Privacy Protection and Real-Time Monitoring

At this point, you shouldn’t even think about Wise Care 365  VS Windows Disk Cleanup because Wise Care 365 Pro Lifetime takes the victory. It has various privacy-related utilities like privacy eraser, site blocker, and more utilities for complete security. And it allows you to monitor PC health in real-time, so you can resolve all PC issues as soon as they occur.


  • Almost Free to Use

Wise Care 365 doesn’t cost you anything for most of its PC cleaning utilities. You get more PC cleaning for free.




  • Security-related Utilities Are In Pro Version Only

Other than its security utilities, you can use anything. You still have advanced PC cleaning, system optimization, and monitoring tools.


Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup

When you comparison between Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup so you can easily decision after read reviews and pros and cons between Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup.   

Windows Disk Cleanup



Still thinking About Wise Care 365 VS Windows Disk Cleanup? Wise Care 365 is a winner 100%. It’s better to get the pro version because it offers security utilities to protect your PC against cyberattacks.


Although, Wise Care 365 may cost you around $30 from Wise Cleaner. But there is a lifetime sale going on fastpcclean.com, and they can give you this amazing smart PC cleaner for $19.99 per year only!